Our tea is from Toby’s Estate. We offer a selection of loose leaf black teas, and herbal teas.

Toby's Breakfast Blend - Using a traditional recipe, this aromatic full bodied tea combines Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and China Keemun leaves

Earl Grey - This tea is flavoured with oil from the bergamot orange which produces an intensely aromatic aroma and refreshing taste

China Green Sencha - A delightful, special grade tea with honey accents, Sencha is the traditional, daily brew of the Chinese

Punjabi Chai - Derived from the traditional North Indian street tea (Cha-ya), this aromatic blend has the exhilarating addition of fennel and cardamom seeds, producing a fresh and spicy taste

Organic Peppermint - Whole peppermint leaves, with a high concentration of etheric oils, are used in this tea producing a pleasant aroma and strong flavour

Organic Chamomile - A select Egyption variety of chamomile, this tea has high oil content, producing a strong tasting, deep yellow infusion. 

Organic Serenity - A flowerbed of soft chamomile, aromatic hibiscus, rose petals and citrus. Aids relaxation, promotes restful sleep and calms nerves.

Organic Refresh